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Fabrice Jahk

« Nothing is true, except our belief that the world we are asked to accept is false. »

Greil Marcus – Lipstick Traces

All my work is a questioning of what is given to us as Reality. An exploration of borders, limits, a quest for the place of consciousness where the exceeding of the norms will liberate another world, another perception.

My sources are Body, Nature, Sexuality, Spirituality and Shamanism.

Eros//Poem//Death  Exploration is an ongoing creation. The writing is its energy-source, the basis of this work being a set of fragments from my various manuscripts.

This energy-source has, over time, been pushed to other extensions : Visual art (Painting – Drawing – Photograph – Video) & Sound poetry.

My work has been presented at the last Borderline Biennale, Abode of Chaos (Lyon, Fr), La Cité des Sciences (Paris, Fr), L’Embobineuse (Marseille, Fr), as well as various bars, squats and other improbable places…

I’m open to all proposals for collaborations (Performers, Musicians, Videomakers …) and to all proposals for illustrations (Book, album cover, Flyers…).

Many of us are aware of being anything other than a single passenger within a species that spends its life to destroy it, many of us have realized that it’s not enough just to be « against » but we need to search for an alternative, and the time has come to extinguish the fire of submission to a died order.

The best way to extinguish the fire that destroys us is to burn stronger than it.

« Fabrice Jahk work is like an echo of our darkest impulses, in a world of sound both organic and transcendental. » Ventilo

« This artist puts his camera lens to nothingness, as if he invited darkness on film. » Photo&Grafic

« Fabrice Jahk spoken words performance is a must see. » Lukas Zpira

Photographs : https://fabricejahk.wordpress.com/iv-faces-ov-meta-morphe-photographs/

Visual Art : https://fabricejahk.wordpress.com/visualart/

Sound Poetry : https://fabricejahk.wordpress.com/iv-son-sound/

Contact : fabjahk@hotmail.fr

If you wish to be kept informed of my events (exhibitions, readings …), don’t hesitate to sign up for my newsletter (at the top right of this page).

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